Trimountaine (2015) [Concert Work]

Directed by Alison Plante

Composed by

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Composer Alison Plante records with the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra
The orchestra records composer Alison Plante's concert work <i>Trimountaine</i>
The violins
Composer/conductor Alison Plante talks to the violins
The cello section
Composer Alison Plante conducts the orchestra
Composer/conductor Alison Plante gives feedback to the brass section
The trombones
The trumpet section
The woodwinds
Scoring mixer Adam Michalak
Composer Alison Plante and the orchestra prepare for the next take
Timpanist Don Williams
Orchestrator Suzie Katayama goes over the score with scoring mixer Adam Michalak
Composer/conductor Alison Plante records her concert work <i>Trimountaine</i> with a 47-piece orchestra
Concertmaster/contractor Mark Robertson and the violin section perform composer Alison Plante's <i>Trimountaine</i>
Scoring mixer Adam Michalak and orchestrator Suzie Katayama listen to the mix
Orchestrator Suzie Katayama relays feedback from the booth with scoring mixer Adam Michalak
Pianist Robert Thies performs on <i>Trimountaine</i>
Composer/conductor Alison Plante and the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra
The booth listens as composer Alison Plante's concert work <i>Trimountaine</i> is recorded
Composer Alison Plante talks with the orchestra before recording her piece <i>Trimountaine</i>
Scoring mixer Adam Michalak makes notes about the score
The violins tune
The strings
Percussionist Brian Kilgore performs on the glockenspiel
The French horns
Composer Alison Plante records her piece <i>Trimountaine</i> with the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra
Orchestrator Suzie Katayama
The bass section goes over their part
The brass section
Timpanist Don Williams
Orchestrators Dwight Mikkelsen and Suzie Katayama discuss the score
Composer/conductor Alison Plante with the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra
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