The Invasion (2007)

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Scoring mixer Casey Stone, asst. music editor Joe Bonn, conductor Damon Intrabartolo and composer John Ottman
Trumpet Section: Rick Baptist and Larry Hall / Trombone Section: Lori Stuntz, Charlie Loper, Bruce Otto, Alan Kaplan and Phil Teele / Tuba: Fred Greene
The woodwind section on <i>The Invasion</i>
Damon Intrabartolo conducts <i>The Invasion</i>
Rick Baptist on trumpet
Damon Intrabartolo conducts
The Hollywood Studio Symphony at Warner Brothers
Harpist Gayle Lavant with conductor Damon Intrabartolo
Damon Intrabartolo conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony
ProTools recordist Larry Mah (rear)
Music copyist Mark Graham
Assistant music editor Joe Bonn and composer John Ottman
Assistant music editor Joe Bonn and composer John Ottman
Scoring Mixer Casey Stone at Warner Bros
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