This Is Where I Leave You (2014)

Directed by Shawn Levy

Composed by

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Tim Simonec conducts the orchestra on <i>This Is Where I Leave You</i> Violinists Jim Sitterly and Clayton Haslop Conductor Tim Simonec ponders a cue The orchestra prepares to record a cue from composer Michael Giacchino's <i>This Is Where I Leave You</i> Conductor Michael Giacchino, scoring mixer Joel Iwataki, and stage recordist Tom Hardisty The orchestra enjoys a free moment while conductor Tim Simonec gets feedback from the booth The cellos prepare for the next cue Composer Michael Giacchino and director Shawn Levy discuss the score Conductor Tim Simonec gives notes to the orchestra A violist makes an edit to her part ProTools recordist Vinnie Cirilli Scoring mixer Joel Iwataki makes notes in the score The orchestra tunes Composer Michael Giacchino and music contractor Reggie Wilson listen to director Shawn Levy address the orchestra Composer Michael Giacchino and scoring mixer Joel Iwataki watch the playback Score coordinator Andrea Datzman prepares the scores with music contractor Reggie Wilson Conductor Tim Simonec and the orchestra don their headphones to record the next cue The cellos have some fun photographing the photographer Director Shawn Levy, composer Michael Giacchino, and scoring mixer Joel Iwataki listen intently Score coordinator Andrea Datzman and composer assistant Dave Martina Director Shawn Levy watches the orchestra as composer Michael Giacchino reviews the score Stage recordist Tom Hardisty Composer Michael Giacchino and scoring mixer Joel Iwataki during the sessions for <i>This Is Where I Leave You</i>

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