Mission: Impossible III (2006)

Directed by J.J. Abrams

Composed by

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Chris Tilton works on two laptops Stephanie Murray brings out Dan Wallin's birthday cake Score mixer Dan Wallin celebrates his 79th birthday during the mix at Paramount Music editors Alex Levy, Stephen Davis and Alan Schlaifer Score preparers Chad Seiter and Andrea Datzman, with music supervisor Danny Bramson Tom Cruise conducts the orchestra Orchestrator Chris Tilton, orchestrator Larry Kenton, music copyist Booker White, and music editors Paul Apelgren and Stephen Davis Mark Gasbarro on piano Rick Baptist, Wayne Bergeron and Paul Slavo on trumpet Don Williams hits a beat on the timpani Dan Greco plays vibes on <i>Mission: Impossible III</i> Tom Cruise conducts the 112-piece orchestra playing the Mission: Impossible theme J.J. Abrams thanks the orchestra for all their wonderful work Michael Giacchino gives Tim Simonec feedback on a take Michael Giacchino, Tom Cruise and Tim Simonec The whole orchestra got ice cream, courtesy of director J.J. Abrams Director J.J. Abrams discusses the music with composer Michael Giacchino Music Librarian Jennifer Hammond makes changes to the score, as requested by composer Michael Giacchino Jim Sitterly and concertmaster Clayton Haslop Actor Dermot Mulroney played cello on <i>Mission: Impossible III</i> for a day!** Music librarians/copyists Jennifer Hammond and Marshall Bowen The orchestra is so large that some musicians needed televisions to see the conductor! Tim Simonec conducts a 112-piece orchestra Jennifer Hammond and Marshall Bowen copy music parts for the orchestra Music copyist Jennifer Hammond makes notations to the score as director J.J. Abrams listenins to Michael Giacchino's changes Music copyist Jennifer Hammond listens to director JJ Abrams and composer Michael Giacchino discussing the score J.J. Abrams looks on as Jennifer Hammond transcribes music for Michael Giacchino People have their good-luck charms, even film composers! Alias star Jennifer Garner visits the scoring session (talking with J.J. Abrams) as score preparers Chad Seiter and Andrea Datzman observe Michael Giacchino giving feedback on a cue Yes, there are bongos in <i>Mission: Impossible III </i>! Michael Giacchino makes some changes to a cue The <i>Mission: Impossible III</i> control room team Director J.J. Abrams examines a change to a scene as editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey look on The Hi-Definition team from Paramount films the scoring session

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