Semi-Pro (2008)

Directed by Kent Alterman

Composed by

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Pete Anthony conducts <i>Semi-Pro</i> for New Line Cinema Director Kent Alterman discusses a cue with Theodore Shapiro Pete Anthony conducts The choir on <i>Semi-Pro</i> Pete Anthony conducts the choir on <i>Semi-Pro</i> The choir on <i>Semi-Pro</i> The choir on <i>Semi-Pro</i> Pete Anthony conducts on <i>Semi-Pro</i> as contractor Peter Rotter looks on Armen Ksajikian Pete Anthony conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony Pianist Randy Kerber Theodore Shapiro talks with Chris Fogel as Bryan Carrigan watches Composer Theodore Shapiro discusses the music with Chris Fogel Scoring engineer Chris Fogel contemplates the mixing board Composer Theodore Shapiro Auricle operator Richard Grant, music copyist Mark Graham and contractor Peter Rotter Vocal contractor Jasper Randall Composer Theodore Shapiro French Horns play on <i>Semi-Pro</i> Director Kent Alterman, composer Theodore Shapiro and New Line Music Executive Bob Bowen (with Chris Fogel in the back) Theodore Shapiro, Kent Alterman and Pete Anthony with the choir

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