Space Chimps (2008) [Animated]

Directed by Kirk De Micco

Composed by

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The <i>Space Chimps</i> music team works at Sony The cello section on <i>Space Chimps</i> Stage assistant Bryan Clements adjusts a microphone while percussionist Mike Fisher makes a notation Robert Thies plays piano on <i>Space Chimps</i> Bobby Zimmitti and Mike Fisher Mike Nowak conducts <i>Space Chimps</i> Conductor Mike Nowak discusses a part with the violin section The woodwinds on <i>Space Chimps</i> The violas The French horns Concertmaster Endre Granat Jon Lewis, Malcolm McNabb and Rick Baptist on trumpets Chris P. Bacon and Joel Iwataki George Doering configures his guitar Scoring Mixer Joel Iwataki Matt Novack and Larry Mah Copyist Mark Graham hands out new parts to the brass Mike Nowak conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony Curt Sobel and Larry Mah Robert Litton and Chris P. Bacon Contractor Peter Rotter and music editor Curt Sobel Chris P. Bacon talks to the orchestra

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