Nim's Island (2008)

Directed by Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett

Composed by

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The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on <i>Nim's Island</i> Music producer Maggie Rodford, co-director Jennifer Flackett and music editor Chris Benstead Patrick Doyle and James Shearman Scoring mixer John Richards Patrick Doyle and conductor James Shearman Patrick Doyle explains a cue to the celli ProTools recordist Vinnie Cirilli and synth programmer Christian Howes The Hollywood Studio Symphony plays on <i>Nim's Island</i> Patrick Doyle and conductor James Shearman Music librarian Greg Jamrok Jim Thatcher plays French horn on <i>Nim's Island</i> Violinist Bruce Dukov tries a new approach to playing Gayle Levant plays harp on <i>Nim's Island Directors Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett, composer Patrick Doyle, producer Paula Mazur and PA Aleesa Adams James Shearman conducts <i>Nim's Island</i> with Patrick Doyle by his side Patrick Doyle mugs for the camera with James Shearman Patrick Doyle gives the thumbs-up to the control room Oboe player Leslie Reed The entire <i>Nim's Island</i> team James Shearman conducts <i>Nim's Island</i> Scoring mixer John Richards Jazz hands! The <i>Nim's Island</i> team lets loose Patrick Doyle got wine and roses for the entire orchestra!

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