Pixar Studio Street (2008) [Theme Park]

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The Hollywood Studio Symphony plays on <i>Pixar Studios</i> Theme Park Attractions Jennifer Hammond conducts the orchestra, with Chuck Berghofer on upright bass in background Valarie King (flute), Tom Boyd (oboe), Gary Gray (clarinet). Dave Riddles (bassoon) Valarie King (flute), Tom Boyd (oboe), Gary Gray (clarinet), Dave Riddles (bassoon) Jon Lewis plays trumpet Assistant engineer Paul Smith Concertmaster Sid Page Harpist Gayle Levant and pianist Randy Kerber Jennifer Hammond conducts the orchestra Music contractor Reggie Wilson Scoring mixer Charlie Paakkari Orchestrator Marshall Bowen gives feedback from the booth Concertmaster Sid Page and scoring mixer Charlie Pakaari Randy Kerber plays celeste Valarie King (flute) makes a dictated change Jennifer Hammond conducts the orchestra From the back of the brass section: At foreground, left, Brian O'Connor (principal French horn); at center, Alex Iles, (principal trombone) Music contractor Reggie Wilson Music contractor Connie Boylan Gayle Levant plays harp Violinists: Front row, l to r: Darius Campo, Norman Hughes; back row, l to r: Kevin Connolly, Julian Hallmark Sid Page prepares his bow Sid Page plays solo violin Woodwinds, l to r: Valarie King and Tom Boyd listen to Gary Gray (clarinet) and Dave Riddles (bassoon)

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