Varese Sarabande 30th Anniversary Celebration (2008)

Directed by Robert Townson

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Tools for a composer signing Standing (L-R): Christophe Beck, Don Davis, Brian Tyler, Cliff Eidelman, John Ottman, Mychael Danna, Richard Kraft, Charles Bernstein, Marco Beltrami, John Frizzell, Joel McNeely, Robert Townson, John Debney, Trevor Rabin, Matthew Joseph Peak / Seated (L-R): Michael Giacchino, Mark Isham, Lalo Schifrin, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Marc Shaiman, Christopher Young, Richard Sherman, and Ed Shearmur Marc Shaiman and Marco Beltrami Michael Giacchino talks with Lalo Schifrin Robert Townson gets applause for his efforts The composers sign CDs for the fans Joel McNeely signs a CD for a fan Michael Giacchino laughs with a fan John Debney signs CDs for the fans Joel McNeely, Robert Townson and Cliff Eidelman Charles Bernstein takes pictures of the signing Robert Townson Ed Shearmur John Ottman Richard Sherman Richard Kraft Marc Shaiman Christophe Beck Trevor Rabin Jan A.P. Kaczmarek Matthew Joseph Peak Cliff Eidelman Joel McNeely Brian Tyler John Debney John Frizzell Mark Isham Lalo Schifrin Michael Giacchino Sean Callery Mychael Danna Don Davis Marco Beltrami Christopher Young Charles Bernstein, Christopher Young and Marco Beltrami Joel McNeely and Cliff Eidelman The composers greet the fans Mark Isham, Matthew Joseph Peak, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, Chris Young, Ed Shearmur, Joel McNeely, Cliff Eidelman and Robert Townson Michael Giacchino sports his <i>Speed Racer</i> t-shirt Don Davis John Debney John Debney greets fans Marc Shaiman prepares to sign in line Marc Shaiman decides to sign while people wait in line Christophe Beck, John Frizzell, Brian Tyler, Marco Beltrami, Mark Isham and Matthew Joseph Peak

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