Super Capers (2008)

Directed by Ray Griggs

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Scoring mixer Damon Tedesco John Van Houten on Tuba Nathan Lanier talks with Damon Tedesco Orchestrator Christopher Thomas Scoring mixer Damon Tedesco Concertmaster Bruce Dukov Composer/orchestrator Austin Wintory, composer Nathan Lanier and Kevin Globerman Trumpeters Jon Lewis, Malcolm McNab and Wayne Bergeron The French horns Tim Davies conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony Orchestrator Christopher Thomas Cellist Steve Erdody Composers Austin Wintory and Nathan Lanier with ProTools recordist Kevin Globerman Music librarian Marshall Bowen, composer/orchestrator Austin Wintory, intern Erick Schroder (standing) and composer Nathan Lanier Cellist Jen Kuhn talks with Armen Ksajikian Orchestra contractor Peter Rotter Tim Davies conducts on <i>Super Capers</i> The woodwind section Tim Davies conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony Composer/orchestrator Austin Wintory and composer Nathan Lanier

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