No Ordinary Family (2010) [TV Series]

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Tim Davies conducts
The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on <i>No Ordinary Family</i>
The orchestra performing on <i>No Ordinary Family</i>
Tim Davies conducts <i>No Ordinary Family</i>
Composer Blake Neely points out a moment in the show
The string quartert plays with the orchestra
Scoring assistant Nathaniel Blume, composer Blake Neely and scoring mixer Jim Hill
Violinists Darius Campo, Katia Popov (front row), Roberto Cani and Tiffany Hu (rear)
The view from the booth at Warner Brothers
Blake Neely gives the cue a thumbs-up
Geri Rotella and Chris Bleth on woodwinds
The violins
Steve Erdody plays peek-a-boo
Wade Culbreath on timpani
Scoring assistant Nathaniel Blume and orchestra contractor Reggie Wilson
Blake Neely makes a change as scoring mixer Jim Hill adjusts the levels
Music librarian Dave Giuli
Tim Davies conducts the orchestra
The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on <i>No Ordinary Family</i>
A string quartet plays with the orchestra
Jon Lewis on trumpet
Trombonists Steve Holtman, Alex Iles, and Phil Teele
Tim Davies conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony
Gayle Levant on harp
Tim Davies conducts <i>No Ordinary Family</i>
Conductor Tim Davies
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