Alias (2001) [TV Series]

Directed by J.J. Abrams

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Jennifer Hammond conducts Part 1 of the "Alias" finale Michael Giacchino and Dermot Mulroney Part 1 of the "Alias" finale was recorded at Warner Brothers Chris Tilton wrote additional music for "Alias" Dan Wallin, Michael Giacchino, and Tim Simonec Kurt Snyder, John Reynolds and Brian O'Connor Michael Giacchino observes Tim Simonec conducting a cue Victor Lawrence and Dermot Mulroney play cello on "Alias" Actress Rachel Nichols observes the orchestra as Giacchino shows actor Kevin Weisman his bongo part that he will be performing Concertmaster Jim Sitterly leads the orchestra Chris Tilton, Michael Giacchino and Dan Wallin Tim Simonec conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony Dan Wallin makes an adjustment on the mixing board Percussionist Danny Greco and actor Kevin Weisman Touchstone Music Executives Steve Morgan and Cheryl Foliart, and music editors Alex Levy and Paul Apelgren The control room at Paramount Cake to celebrate the end of the show The Orchestra Dan Wallin at the console at Paramount Stage M

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