Chris Beck scores Pink Panther

Posted on March 23, 2005 by Dan Goldwasser

Composer Christophe Beck was at Todd AO today, recording his second day of The Pink Panther. While most of the big cues were recorded yesterday with the “A” orchestra, today’s “B” orchestra cues included plenty of comedic moments. They also recorded some string work that will underscore the jazzier big-band cues, to be recorded tomorrow with a smaller band orchestra.

Composer Christophe Beck examines a cue

The Pink Panther reunites Beck with director Shawn Levy, who worked with Beck most recently on Cheaper By The Dozen. As is the case with most Shawn Levy films, the score is a tad “ecclectic”, mixing up contemporary scoring with old-school 60’s music with a European edge. As one would expect, Beck uses Henry Mancini’s classic theme here and there, and one of his motifs is even an inverted version of the Pink Panther theme. This certainly brings the antics of Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) into the 21st Century.

Composer Christophe Beck consults with scoring mixer Casey Stone and orchestrator Kevin Kliesch

Not surprisingly, there will be a few pop songs heard in the film, and Paul Oakenfold (as well as Beck) will even be giving his take on the classic Mancini theme. The film will open on September 23, 2005, and there is no current word on a soundtrack release.

Pete Anthony conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

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