Randy Newman’s Monsters, Inc. scores as a ride!

Posted on November 28, 2005 by Dan Goldwasser

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, at Paramount Studios Scoring Stage M, music was recorded for a new ride at Disney’s California Adventure. The new "dark ride" is based on the hit animated film Monsters, Inc., and appropriately uses music based on the score by Academy Award-winner Randy Newman.

Joey Newman conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

For the ride, Newman’s score was arranged and adapted by long-time orchestrator Jonathan Sacks, which was then recorded and mixed by John Richards. The 50-piece Hollywood Studio Symphony was conducted by Joey Newman, and played the cues expertly.

Jonathan Sacks gives feedback on a cue

From the jazzy "Downtown Monsterville", to the dramatic "Scary" cues, the core of Newman’s score is represented, and will be heard as riders travel through Monsterville on the sit-down styled ride.

John Richards mixes the score

The Monsters, Inc. ride is scheduled to open after the New Year.

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