Bruno Coon scores the computer game version of Cars

Posted on January 24, 2006 by Dan Goldwasser

Earlier this week, at Signet Studios in Hollywood, Bruno Coon recorded his score to the upcoming computer game based on the Disney/PIXAR Film, Cars. Randy Newman’s music editor for many years, Coon wrote a fully original score for the computer game, keeping the same rustic musical style as the one Newman established for the feature film.

Joey Newman conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

The 55-piece orchestra was conducted by Joey Newman, with Mike Lang on keyboards providing synth “sweetener” to the string section. Orchestrator Jonathan Sacks, and score mixer Frank Wolf – both of whom worked on the feature film – lent their skills to the Cars video game score.

Composer Bruno Coon with conductor Joey Newman and score mixer Frank Wolf

Conducted by Joey Newman, the sessions had to be broken up because the stage at Signet Studios couldn’t accommodate the whole orchestra at once. On the first day, strings and woodwinds were recorded in the morning, with brass and percussion in the afternoon. For two more days, a band section was recorded, with drums and bass, as well as Dean Parks and George Doering providing guitar solos, and Gabe Witcher on fiddle.

Frank Wolf mixes Cars: The Computer Game

Cars: The Computer Game will be released by THQ later this year.