Harry Gregson-Williams scores Déjà Vu

Posted on October 20, 2006 by Dan Goldwasser

Recently, acclaimed composer Harry Gregson-Williams has been recording his score to the new action-thriller, Deja Vu. Directed by Tony Scott, written by Bill Marsilii & Terry Rossio and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the film stars Denzel Washington as an FBI agent investigating a bombing who discovers that he has a chance to prevent it. We have a special look at the scoring session to this upcoming film.

Harry Gregson-Williams conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony at Sony

Harry Gregson-Williams conducts at Todd-AO

Scoring Assistant Stephen Barton, Recording Engineer Malcolm Luker and Stage Recordist Adam Michalak

The Hollywood Studio Symphony at Todd-AO

Gregson-Williams, who has previously worked with Tony Scott on Enemy of the State, Spy Game, Man on Fire and Domino took a different approach to scoring Deja Vu, using a 50-string orchestra accentuated with electronics, piano, Mexican harp, and a few instrument solos.

A shot of the cello section performing on Deja Vu at the Sony Scoring Stage

Harry Gregson-Williams gives feedback to the strings

Stephen Barton and Malcolm Luker

The score was recorded at the Todd-AO and Sony Scoring Stages, where Gregson-Williams himself conducted the orchestra.On occasion, he would play the original demos for the musicians so that they could see how he intends the music to sound and play against the picture.

Music Supervisor Bob Badami, Music Editor Mark Wlodarkiewicz and ProTools Recordist Jamie Luker

Harry Gregson-Williams discusses a cue with the violin section

Harry Gregson-Williams, Malcolm Luker and Stage Recordist Tom Hardisty at Todd-AO

In an inventive twist, Gregson-Williams had the orchestra play some material backwards, and then "flipped" the recording, to create an otherworldly effect.

Harry Gregson-Williams discusses a cue with Stephen Barton, Bob Badami, and Music Copyist Booker White

Deja Vu will be released by Touchstone Pictures on November 22, 2006

Special thanks to Monica Zierhut and Harry Gregson-Williams.

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