A sneak peek at Michael Giacchino’s scoring sessions to Star Trek

Posted on December 19, 2008 by Dan Goldwasser

Earlier this fall, composer Michael Giacchino recorded his new score to the highly anticipated reimagining of Star Trek, directed by J.J. Abrams. Scoring took place at the Sony Scoring Stage, but with the film coming out in May 2009, mum was the word. In fact, we’re not even able to show you photos from the session just yet…. everything is locked down that tightly!

But Michael Giacchino had a great idea – treat it like a sensitive courtroom case. With the help of his good friend and former Disney artist Chad Frye, we are very excited to bring you a little Christmas present: a sneak peek (through artist renditions) of the scoring session to Star Trek.

Director J.J. Abrams and composer Michael Giacchino

Tim Simonec conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

Director J.J. Abrams, score coordinator Andrea Datzman and composer Michael Giacchino

Composer Michael Giacchino, scoring mixer Dan Wallin, additional orchestrator Chad Seiter and orchestra contractor Reggie Wilson

Be sure to visit Chad Frye’s website: http://www.ChadFrye.com

Look for our exclusive scoring session coverage (with actual photographs) this coming spring. Star Trek will hit theaters on May 9, 2009 from Paramount Pictures.

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