Stephen Trask scores Cirque du Freak

Posted on March 23, 2009 by Dan Goldwasser

This spring, composer Stephen Trask was at the Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox to record his score to the new Paul Weitz film, Cirque du Freak, based on the vampire book series by Darren Shan. Written by Paul Weitz and Brian Helgeland, the film stars John C. Reilly, Willem Dafoe, Chris Massoglia and Josh Hutcherson.

Pete Anthony conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

Trask recorded his score with a large 86-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony – conducted by Pete Anthony – and a 10-person choir. Orchestrated Steve Bartek, Edgardo Simone, Dave Slonicker and Darren McKenzie, with additional music by Lior Rosner, the thematic score features lots of orchestral effects to add to the suspense and action beats.

The French horns

The woodwinds

The trumpet section blasts away

Pete Anthony works out an issue with the cello section

In the booth, scoring mixer Greg Hayes worked diligently with Trask at the console, while music editor Amanda Goodpaster and director Paul Weitz would discuss the music and give feedback. Assistant music editor Joe Bonn, additional music composer Lior Rosner and orchestrator Steve Bartek also provided input, while Erik Swanson handled the ProTools recording duties.

Orchestrator Steve Bartek, additiona music composer Lior Rosner, composer Stephen Trask, and scoring mixer Greg Hayes

Orchestrator Steve Bartek talks with composer Stephen Trask

Additional music composer Lior Rosner, director Paul Weitz and music editor Amanda Goodpaster discuss the score

One of the unique instruments heard in the music is the African kora (a harp-like instrument), performed by Bruno Coon, which Trask employed to represent Dell’s (Massoglia) life "pre-vampire".

Bruno Coon plays kora on Cirque du Freak

Cirque du Freak will be released by Universal Pictures on October 23, 2009.

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