Shawn K. Clement scores Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey

Posted on June 15, 2009 by Dan Goldwasser

Earlier this spring, composer Shawn K. Clement recorded his score to the new IMAX sci-fi animated film, Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey at the Skywalker Scoring Stage in Nicasio, California. The 3D film, directed by Harry Kloor and Dan St. Pierre, features an all-star cast of Samuel L. Jackson, William Shatner, Mark Hamill, James Earl Jones, Hayden Christiansen, Chris Pine, Brent Spiner and even Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong, among many others. The story follows a photon named Dave as he leaves the sun and embarks on a fascinating journey through the galaxy.

Carl Rydlund conducts the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra

With lead orchestrator Carl Rydlund conducting an 80-piece ensemble of the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra (comprised of members from the San Francisco Symphony), 40-minutes of score were recorded in two days.

Carl Rydlund conducts Quantum Quest

The French horn section

In the booth, music mixer and engineer Leslie Ann Jones worked with Clement as well as orchestrator/booth reader Jim Honeyman, assistant engineer Dann Thompson, music editor Jason Ruder and Pro Tools engineer Andre Zweers.

Music editor Jason Ruder, booth reader Jim Honeyman, composer Shawn K. Clement and scoring engineer Leslie Ann Jones

Clement also worked closely with the sound designers on the film, acting as Post Audio Producer on the project, helping integrate music and sound design together in a musical fashion. "In some scenes I had to actually work with real sounds from Saturn and other space noise that were supplied by NASA, and incorporate them in a musical sense," explained Clement.

Composer Shawn Clement, Digimax CEO Helen Pao-Yun Huang, director Harry Kloor, and artist Michal David Ward

Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey is scheduled to be released later this fall, and a soundtrack album is planned as well as a "Behind the Scenes" scoring featurette on the eventual DVD.

Special thanks to Ray Costa of Costa Communications

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