Christopher Young scores When in Rome

Posted on January 18, 2010 by Dan Goldwasser

Last year, composer Christopher Young was at the Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Brothers in Burbank, CA, to record his score for the new romantic comedy, When in Rome. Directed by Mark Steven Johnson, the film – which stars Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel – marks the second time that Young and Johnson have collaborated.

Bruce Babcock conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

The strings perform on When in Rome

On the stage, Bruce Babcock conducted the 50-piece orchestra, while Young provided feedback from the booth. Between the takes, Young would come out and talk with the musicians, giving them detailed explanations of what he was trying to achieve with the music.

Composer Christopher Young addresses the musicians

Bruce Babcock conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony as Christopher Young watches

The woodwinds

Containing both playful and emotional moments, the score to When in Rome also features accordion and glockenspiel, as well as guitarist George Doering on mandolin. It was orchestrated by Pete Anthony (who also provided some additional conducting), Bruce Babcock, Kristen Baum, Richard Bronskill, Jim Honeyman, Brandon K. Verrett, Sunna Wehrmeijer, David Shephard, Joohyun Park, and Andrew Spence.

Composer Christopher Young and scoring mixer Greg Townley

Scoring mixer Greg Townley was in the booth, making the mix sound excellent, while Vinnie Cirilli handled the ProTools recording. Director Mark Steven Johnson would give suggestions to Young, and supervising music editor Tom Milano and music editor Cory Milano were also on hand to provide feedback, as well as music supervisor Dave Jordan.

Score coodinator Sunna Wehrmeijer and orchestrator Brandon K. Verrett

Composer Christopher Young talks with director Mark Steven Johnson

Music editor Cory Milano, supervising music editor Tom Milano and ProTools recordist Vinnie Cirilli

Orchestrator Brandon K. Verrett and composer Christopher Young

When in Rome hits theaters on January 29, 2010, from Touchstone Pictures.

Conductor Bruce Babcock and composer Christopher Young examine a cue

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