Olivier Deriviere scores Remember Me

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Dan Goldwasser

Last November, composer Olivier Deriviere scored the CAPCOM video game Remember Me. The sessions took place at Air Studios in London with the famed Philharmonia Orchestra, recorded by award-winning score engineer John Kurlander, and we’re excited to bring our readers photos from the scoring session!

Alain Joutard conducts the Philharmonia Orchestra in Remember Me

Composer Olivier Deriviere explaining the game to the members of the Philharmonia Orchestra

Deriviere’s dynamic emotional score is intricately woven throughout Remember Me‘s innovative ‘memory remix’ gameplay experience and immersive futurist story set in Neo-Paris where personal memories are digitized, bought, sold and traded.

Composer Olivier Deriviere with recording and mixing engineer John Kurlander at the Air Studios desk

Olivier Deriviere’s interactive musical score for Remember Me features live orchestra that has been digitally processed and manipulated with multiple layers and effects to create a futuristig – but entirely organic and acoustic – musical palette which reflects Nilin’s memory loss and reconstruction of her memories throughout the game.

A screen from Remember Me

The critically acclaimed soundtrack for Remember Me is available on iTunes, and you can check out samples from the score on Soundcloud.

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