Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass score Fantastic Four

Posted on August 7, 2015 by Dan Goldwasser

Earlier this summer, the score to the new Fantastic Four reboot was recorded at the Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox. Directed by Josh Trank, the film’s score was written by Oscar-nominated composers Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass. While Glass was not in attendance at the recording sessions, was, and we’re thrilled to bring our readers the exclusive photos!

Pete Anthony conducts the score to Fantastic Four

The score to Fantastic Four was recorded with orchestrator Pete Anthony conducting a 76-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony. The level of involvement that Glass had in the project seems to have been to write some thematic and textural material which Beltrami then integrated into his score. Glass, who was on tour at the time of the scoring sessions, was not involved in the recording process.

Concertmaster Belinda Broughton and the violins

Timpanist Wade Culbreath prepares the timpani

The brass section

The woodwinds

In the booth, composer Marco Beltrami worked with his team to record the score, whcih included scoring mixer John Kurlander, score producer Buck Sanders, additional arrangers Marcus Trumpp, Miles Hankins and Brandon Roberts, music editor Curt Sobel, and assistant score mixer Tyson Lozensky. (Orchestrations for the score were done by Pete Anthony, John Kull and Richard Bronskill.)

Score producer Buck Sanders, additional arrangers Brandon Roberts, Miles Hankins, and Marcus Trumpp go over a cue with composer Marco Beltrami

Additional arranger Miles Hankins and scoring mixer John Kurlander

Music editor Curt Sobel, ProTools recordist Vinnie Cirilli, and assistant score mixer Tyson Lozensky

The music team on Fantastic Four: orchestra contractor Peter Rotter, music editor Curt Sobel, additional arranger Brandon Roberts, composer Marco Beltrami, additional arranger Marcus Trumpp, scoring mixer John Kurlander, additional arranger Miles Hankins, and orchestrator and conductor Pete Anthony

Fantastic Four opens in theaters today, and the soundtrack is available from Sony Classical.

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