Jeff Beal scores House of Cards Season Four

Posted on March 4, 2016 by Dan Goldwasser

Back in January, Emmy-winning composer Jeff Beal was recording music for the last two episodes of fourth season of the hit Netflix original series, House of Cards. Scoring took place at his home in Agoura Hills, CA, where Beal conducted a 26-piece string ensemble. is delighted to bring our readers a look at the session!

Jeff Beal prepares to conduct a string ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony on House of Cards

Recording for House of Cards took place at the Beal’s home studio, where he has set up a performance/recording space in his living room. It was literally a one-man show, with Beal running the session from his digital podium, recording into Logic.

The orchestra tunes up prior to the session

Composer Jeff Beal at work with the violins and violas

The orchestra records a cue for House of Cards: Season 4

Composer and conductor Jeff Beal talks with the cellos and basses

To optimize his workflow, the sheet music in front of each musician was presented not as separate cues, but rather as one elongated sequence, with Beal working through the various measures. The score for House of Cards features not only the strings that Beal recorded, but also employs trumpet, piano and electronics, all performed by Beal. It’s also a family affair, with Beal’s wife Joan providing vocals, and his son Henry performing electric bass. New for season four is the inclusion of Peter Erskine on drum set.

A peek at the violin part for composer Jeff Beal’s score for House of Cards: Season 4

Composer and conductor Jeff Beal prepares to record

The musicians finish setting up for the session

The orchestra on the the House of Cards: Season 4 sessions

Jeff Beal goes through a sound check with the orchestra

All 13 episodes of House of Cards Season Four are now available exclusively on Netflix. A soundtrack album will be released by Varese Sarabande on April 15, 2016.

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