Rob Simonsen scores Zach Braff’s Going in Style

Posted on April 7, 2017 by Dan Goldwasser

Last year, composer Rob Simonsen recorded his score to Zach Braff’s new comedy, Going in Style, starring Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin. Scoring took place at the Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox, and we’re delighted to share our exclusive photos from the scoring sessions with our readers!

Composer Rob Simonsen conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

The score to Going in Style was performed by an 85-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony, conducted by Mark Graham (and select cues conducted by Simonsen).

The violins prepare for the next cue

Composer/conductor Rob Simonsen records with the orchestra

The basses

The woodwind section

The brass section

The French horns

Conductor Mark Graham relays feedback to the orchestra

In the booth, composer Rob Simonsen was joined by director Zach Braff, who gave feedback and notes on the score. Orchestrator Tim Simonec was also on hand (orchestrators Tim Davies and Jeremy Levy were not at the session we attended), and the music was mixed by veteran scoring mixer Alan Meyerson.

Director Zach Braff, composer Rob Simonsen, and scoring mixer Alan Meyerson

Composer Rob Simonsen

Orchestrator Tim Simonec and scoring mixer Alan Meyerson

Also in the booth were additional music arranger Duncan Blickenstaff, supervising music editor Andrew Silver, digital score recordist and mix assistant Forest Christenson, and scoring assistant Michael Daniels.

Inside the booth: guest Brendan Angelides (aka Eskmo), additional music arranger Duncan Blickenstaff, supervising music editor Andrew Silver, composer assistant Michael Daniels (rear), conductor Mark Graham, and digital score recordist/mix assistant Forest Christenson
During an evening session, a Dixieland-jazz combo was recorded, with some of the best musicians in town.

Pianist Randy Kerber, clarinetist John Yoakum, trumpeter Rob Schaer, guitarist George Doering, bassist Chuck Berghofer, conductor Mark Graham, scoring mixer Alan Meyerson, composer Rob Simonson, percussionist Peter Erskine, and trombonist Alex Illes discuss the Dixieland jazz cues as supervising music editor Andrew Silver prepares a cue

George Doering performs on banjo

Rob Schaer (trumpet), Alex Iles (trombone), Dan Higgins (Alto Saxophone), and John Yoakum (clarinet)

Randy Kerber performs on upright piano

Percussionist Peter Erskine performs on drumset

Director Zach Braff discusses a cue with conductor Mark Graham

Going in Style opens in theaters on April 7th, and a soundtrack album is available from WaterTower Music.

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