Two ScoreLapses for you to enjoy!

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Dan Goldwasser

A couple of weeks ago we premiered our first ever “ScoreLapse”, for Michael Giacchino’s scoring session to Jurassic World. Now we have our second one for you to check out, created from the raw session photos for Alan Silvestri’s session to Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, back in 2009.

The purpose of these ScoreLapse videos is not to scrutinize the imagery; it’s to show off the raw photo set that we capture at a scoring session so you can get a sense of what we have to sift through to bring you the final curated photo galleries. (Also we think it’s kinda neat, like a weird flipbook!) It’s also formatted for square videos, such as those typically found on Twitter and Instagram, so that explains the windowboxing. Going forward, as we take photos at sessions, we are hoping to capture raw audio from the stage to serve as the audio for these videos (no music, but the ambient chatter of the sessions) to enhance the experience. Hope you enjoy it!