Christopher Lennertz scores Baywatch

Posted on June 2, 2017 by Dan Goldwasser

Earlier this year, composer Christopher Lennertz recorded his score to Baywatch, the new action-comedy from Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon. Scoring took place with a 75-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony at Warner Bros., and we’re thrilled to share the exclusive photos with our readers!

Composer Christopher Lennertz conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

The violins warm up

The cellos and basses

Percussionist Wade Culbreath performs on timpani

Percussionist Brian Kilgore performs on bass drum

In the booth was Lennertz’s team, including scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn, orchestrators Andrew Kinney, Michael Lloyd and Marcus Sjowall, score producer Dara Taylor, supervising music editor Todd Bozung, music supervisor Dana Sano, and director Seth Gordon who was on hand to give feedback to Lennertz out on the stage. Lennertz came back in the booth when they were recording some percussion overlays.

Orchestrator Andrew Kinney and composer Christopher Lennertz talk with scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn

Director Seth Gordon talks with composer Christopher Lennertz

Score producer Dara Taylor watches as orchestrators Michael Lloyd and Andrew Kinney go over a cue

The music team on Baywatch: orchestrator Marcus Sjöwall, score producer Dara Taylor, orchestrators Michael Lloyd and Andrew Kinney, composer Christopher Lennertz, scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn, and music scoring recordist Tom Hardisty

Baywatch is currently playing in theaters, and a score album is coming from La-La Land Records and Paramount Music.

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