Marco Beltrami scores A Quiet Place

Posted on April 6, 2018 by Dan Goldwasser

This past January and February, Oscar-nominated composer Marco Beltrami recorded his score to the new horror/thriller film, A Quiet Place. Directed by (and starring) John Krasinski, the film was written by Krasinski with Brian Woods and Scott Beck. Recording for A Quiet Place took place at Beltrami’s Pianella Studios in Malibu, and is excited to bring our readers exclusive photos from the sessions!

The first round of recording for Beltrami’s score to A Quiet Place was done in January, where Beltrami and his team conducted a string session full of creepy aleatoric motifs and tension, to be used by Krasinski and his editorial team as a ‘toolbox’ of sorts to place in the film.

The Hollywood Studio Symphony string ensemble on A Quiet Place

Composer Marco Beltrami conducts on A Quiet Place

The strings perform

The violins and basses perform on A Quiet Place

The seventeen strings were conducted by composer Marco Beltrami, and additional music composers Marcus Trumpp and Brandon Roberts.

The cellos and basses

The view from the viola section as the strings record A Quiet Place

The second round of scoring took place in February, where they recorded another string session, a percussion session (both of which we were unable to attend) and then a brass and woodwind session comprised of 11 brass players and 2 bassoons, conducted by long-time Beltrami collaborator, orchestrator Pete Anthony.

Orchestrator Pete Anthony conducts the brass and woodwinds

Mike McCoy, Teag Reaves, Steve Becknell and Dave Everson on French horn; Gary Hickman on tuba

Craig Gosnell, Phil Keen and Alan Kaplan on trombones

Damian Montano and Rose Corrigan on bassoons

Inside the booth, Beltrami’s team included scoring engineer/mixer Tyson Lozensky, score producer Buck Sanders, additional music composers Miles Hankins, Brandon Roberts and Marcus Trumpp, supervising music editor Jim Schultz, and music librarian Joe Zimmmerman. Krasinski was busy with post-production for the film, which was based in New York City, where music editor Del Spiva was integrating the mixed music into the film.

Inside the control room at Pianella Studios

Composer Marco Beltrami gives feedback to the musicians

Scoring engineer/mixer Tyson Lozensky

Score producer Buck Sanders

Supervising music editor Jim Schultz, additional music composer Marcus Trumpp, additional music composer Brandon Roberts and music librarian Joe Zimmerman

A Quiet Place – sporting an impressive 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is now in theaters, and the score album is available from Milan Records digitally, with a physical release out next month.

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