Henry Jackman scores The Predator

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Dan Goldwasser

Earlier this summer, composer Henry Jackman recorded his score music for The Predator, the latest entry in the sci-fi action series. Directed by Shane Black (who also starred in the original 1987 film), the film’s scoring sessions took place at the Newman Scoring Stage at 20th Century Fox, and ScoringSessions.com is excited to bring our readers exclusive photos from the session!

Conductor Gavin Greenaway and the Hollywood Studio Symphony record a cue for The Predator

Conducted by Gavin Greenaway, the score for The Predator was recorded with an 83-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony. Percussion and choir were recorded separately from the strings, woodwinds and brass.

Conductor Gavin Greenaway records a cue with the Hollywood Studio Symphony

The violins

Gavin Greenaway conducts the orchestra

The cello section performs a cue

The basses

The woodwind section

The French horns

The low brass ensemble for The Predator

The trumpets

Conductor Gavin Greenaway

The viola section

In the control room, composer Henry Jackman was joined by lead orchestrator Stephen Coleman, scoring mixer Alan Meyerson, music editor Peter Oso Snell, assistant music editor Devaughn Watts, and ProTools recordist Kevin Globerman.

Inside the control room at Fox

Composer Henry Jackman goes over a cue with orchestrator Stephen Coleman (left)

Assistant music editor Devaughn Watts, music editor Peter Oso Snell, and ProTools recordist Kevin Globerman work on a cue

Composer Henry Jackman and scoring mixer Alan Meyerson

The Predator is now in theaters, and a soundtrack album is coming from Lakeshore Records.

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