Jeff Russo scores The Umbrella Academy for Netflix

Posted on March 11, 2019 by Dan Goldwasser

Last fall, composer Jeff Russo recorded his score to the new Netflix series, The Umbrella Academy. Based on the hit comic book series, music for the show was recorded at the Eastwood Scoring Stage and is thrilled to bring our readers exclusive photos from the pilot scoring session!

Composer/conductor Jeff Russo and the orchestra record a cue

Composer Jeff Russo conducted a medium-sized ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony

The French horn section

Composer/conductor Jeff Russo prepares to give the downbeat

The viola and cello sections watch the conductor

The woodwind section

The bass section

Composer/conductor Jeff Russo records his score for The Umbrella Academy with the orchestra

Inside the booth, scoring mixer Michael Perfitt made sure everything sounded great, and he was joined at the console by orchestrator Amie Doherty and additional music composer Perrine Virgile, who would give feedback to Russo out on the stage. Also in the booth were scoring assistant/score tech Tracie Turnbull, scoring assistant Caleb Hsu, scoring intern Sandy Chen, and music editor Lodge Worster.

Inside the booth at Warner Bros.

Orchestrator Amie Doherty, additional music composer Perrine Virgile, and scoring mixer Michael Perfitt go over a cue

Stage recordist Tom Hardisty

Scoring assistant/score tech Tracie Turnbull and scoring assistant Caleb Hsu

Scoring intern Sandy Chen and music editor Lodge Worster

Orchestrator Amie Doherty makes edits to a cue

Composer/conductor Jeff Russo talks with the booth

All episodes of The Umbrella Academy are now streaming on Netflix, and a score album is available digitally from Lakeshore Records.

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