Christopher Lennertz scores Shaft

Posted on June 14, 2019 by Dan Goldwasser

Last summer, composer Christopher Lennertz was at the historic MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios to record his score for Shaft. Directed by longtime collaborator Tim Story, the film is the latest in the long-running series of films, and is delighted to bring our readers exclusive photos from the scoring session. Can you dig it?

Composer/conductor Christopher Lennertz and the Hollywood Studio Symphony record a cue

The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on Christopher Lennertz’s score to Shaft

The violin section

The brass section records a cue

Composer/conductor Christopher Lennertz records his score with the orchestra

The large brass section

The cello and bass sections

Director Tim Story spent much of the session in the best seat possible – right on the stage, not too far behind Lennertz. Joining him was music editor Todd Bozung, who sadly has passed away recently. He was a longtime collaborator with Lennertz and co-prouduced the Shaft score with him.

Music editor Todd Bozung and director Tim Story

The woodwind section doubles on flute

The percussion section performs

Pianist Randy Kerber

Inside the booth, scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn was handling the balance of the pre-records and band elements that would be combined with the orchestra. Lead orchestrator Andrew Kinney was there, as well as additional music composer Dara Taylor who gave notes back to Lennertz out on the stage. Joining them were additional music composer Alex Bornstein and ProTools recordist Keith Ukrisna. When they recorded the classic Isaac Hayes main theme, there was quite a funk-tastic vibe in both the booth and stage, much to everyone’s delight.

The music team works on Shaft

Orchestrator Andrew Kinney and scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn

Additional music composer Dara Taylor

The music team listens to the mix from the booth

ProTools recordist Keith Uskirna

Shaft is now playing in theaters and a soundtrack album is available from WaterTower Music.

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