David Newman scores Green Eggs and Ham

Posted on November 8, 2019 by Dan Goldwasser

Over the last year, composer David Newman has been busy scoring the new Netflix and Warner Bros. Animation animated television series, Green Eggs and Ham. Based on the Dr. Seuss book of the same name, the show features the vocal talents of Adam Devine, Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Ilana Glazer and more. Each episode featured at least a 70-piece orchestra. All of the episodes were recorded at the Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Bros., and ScoringSessions.com is thrilled to bring our readers exclusive photos from the season finale scoring session that took place at the Newman Scoring Stage at Fox Studios!

David Newman conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony on Green Eggs and Ham

The violins perform on Green Eggs and Ham

Composer David Newman conducting the Hollywood Studio Symphony

The low brass

Don Williams plays the timpani

The season finale’s scoring session featured a 79-piece ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony, with Newman out on the stage conducting.

David Newman conducts

The French horn section

The cello section performs

The woodwind section

Inside the booth, scoring mixer Greg Hayes made sure everything was sounding great, while series producer Helen Kalafatic and music supervisor Brett Swain kept things running smoothly. Score coordinator Krystyna Newman as well as showrunner Jared Stern would give feeback to David out on the podium. Director Cody Cameron, music editor Jim Harrison, assistant scoring mixer Matt Friedman and ProTools recordist Vinny Cirilli were also in the booth to lend support.

Inside the control room during the scoring sessions to Green Eggs and Ham

Producer Helen Kalafatic, music supervisor Brett Swain, and scoring mixer Greg Hayes

Score coordinator Krystyna Newman, music editor Jim Harrison, showrunner Jared Stern, assistant scoring mixer Matt Friedman and ProTools recordist Vinny Cirilli

The view from the booth at the Newman Scoring Stage

Director Cody Cameron, music supervisor Brett Swain, showrunner Jared Stern and producer Helen Kalafatic applaud composer David Newman

All episodes of the first season to Green Eggs and Ham are now streaming on Netflix.

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