Ken Corday and D. Brent Nelson score new music for Days of Our Lives

Posted on February 28, 2020 by Dan Goldwasser

Earlier this month composers Ken Corday and D. Brent Nelson recorded a new batch of cinematic cues for the newly renewed daytime drama, Days of Our Lives. Recording took place at the Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Bros. Studios, featuring a 40-piece string ensemble. is delighted to present a gallery of photos provided to us to share with our readers!

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D. Brent Nelson conducts a string ensemble of the Hollywood Studio Symphony for Days of Our Lives

"Why put cinema score in a daytime soap? It’s great fun to create and record and it gives the show an epic sense of grandeur and scope that we wouldn’t be able to achieve any other way," the composers said. "We have bold stories and when the big cue goes in the right spot it truly hits that scene out of the park."

The violins perform on Days of Our Lives

Co-composers Ken Corday and D. Brent Nelson examine the score while music supervisor Paul Antonelli (far rear) listens to the session.
"This year we upped our game a little and hired a 40-piece string section. The stage at Warner Bros. has a rich and wonderful ‘low end’ and we’re using 4 Basses and not getting in the ‘mud’ (or even close to it) as we take advantage of the melodies and colors and the soulfulness that only real players can bring to our underscore," they said.

Composers Ken Corday and D. Brent Nelson

Days of Our Lives airs on weekdays at 1pm on NBC.

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Photos by Donovan Yaple. Special thanks to Emilie Erskine.

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