Identity Thief (2013)

Directed by Seth Gordon

Composed by

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Christopher Lennertz conducts <i>Identity Thief</i>
The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on <i>Identity Thief</i>
Christopher Lennertz conducing the Hollywood Studio Symphony
The brass section
Orchestrator Andrew Kinney gives notes to the musicians
Synth programmer Philip White, orchestrator Andrew Kinney, scoring coordinator Drew Silverstein and scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn
The woodwinds
The strings
Christopher Lennertz conducing his score to <i>Identity Thief</i>
The view from the booth at Warner Bros.
Pianist Mike Lang
The French horns
Score coordinator Alex Bornstein, orchestrator Andrew Kinney, score coordinator Drew Silverstein, and scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn
Percussionist MB Gordy
The strings
Scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn
Christopher Lennertz conducts <i>Identity Thief</i>
Composer Christopher Lennertz and director Seth Gordon
Composer Christopher Lennertz, music editor Todd Bozung, digital score recordist Kevin Globerman, scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn, and second engineer Keith Ukrisna
Second engineer Keith Ukrisna and scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn
Percussionist Davey Chedwiggen
Guitarist Aaron Kaplan and composer Christopher Lennertz
Jim Cox on keyboard
Digital score recordist Kevin Globerman and scoring mixer Jeff Vaughn
Jim Cox on keyboards
Guitarist Joel Shearer
Victor Indrizzo on drums
Aaron Kaplan on guitar
The band at Sonic Fuel Studios
Chris Chaney on bass
Composer Christopher Lennertz and music editor Todd Bozung
Contractor David Low, score coordinator Drew Silverstein (rear) and digital score recordist Kevin Globerman
Percussionist Davey Chedwiggen
Victor Indrizzo on drums

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