Incredibles 2 (2018) [Animated]

Directed by Brad Bird

Composed by

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Director Brad Bird and composer Michael Giacchino at the scoring session for <em>Incredibles 2</em>
Gordon Goodwin conducts the end credits for <em>Incredibles 2</em>
Director/writer Brad Bird and composer Michael Giacchino discuss a cue
Marshall Bowen conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony on <em>Incredibles 2</em>
The strings perform on <em>Incredibles 2</em>
The French horn section on <em>Incredibles 2</em>
The Incredits 2 end credits cue for <em>Incredibles 2</em>
Composer Michael Giacchino discusses the end credits with conductor/arranger Gordon Goodwin
Director/writer Brad Bird and composer Michael Giacchino share a moment
Director/writer Brad Bird contemplates as cue as composer Michael Giacchino, arranger/orchestrator/conductor Gordon Goodwin and scoring mixer Joel Iwataki eagerly await his feedback
Timpanist Don Williams performs on <em>Incredibles 2</em>
Musician Andrew Duckles and the other viola players check the sheet music
Director/writer Brad Bird watches the orchestra perform
The violas perform on <em>Incredibles 2</em>

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