My One and Only (2009)

Directed by Richard Loncraine

Composed by

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The Hollywood Studio Symphony Strings
Orchestrators Nan Schwartz and Conrad Pope, composer Mark Isham, and scoring mixer Stephen Krause
A view of the control room
Piano on <i>My One and Only</i>
Ray Brinker on drums
Mark Isham confers with assistant Cindy O'Connor
The string ensemble
Scoring mixer Stephen Krause and the stage recordist
Music editor Thomas Carlson, Isham's assistant Cindy O'Connor and orchestration assistant Philip Klein (rear)
Orchestrators Nan Schwartz and Conrad Pope
Orchestra contractor Peter Rotter
A view of the strings from the control room
Mark Isham talks with orchestrator Nan Schwartz
The strings perform on <i>My One and Only</i>
Kevin Axt on bass
The control room
The string section

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