John Adams (2008) [Miniseries]

Directed by Tom Hooper

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Conductor Jorge Del Barrio and copyist Ken Gruberman
Scoring mixer Bobby Fernandez and Evyen Klean
Jorge Del Barrio conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony
Concertmaster Endre Granat
Ken Gruberman, Evyen Klean and Joseph Vitarelli
Evyen Klean and music editor Nicholas Viterelli
Auricle operator Richard Grant and  ProTools recordist Vinnie Cirilli
George Del Barrio discusses the cue with the orchestra
Cellists Andrew Shulman and contractor David Low
Nick Viterelli, Ken Gruberman and Joseph Vitarelli
Richard Grant and his Auricle
<i>John Adams</i> composer Joseph Vitarelli
Trumpet player Tim Morrison
Pianist Mike Lang
Evyen Klean and Joseph Vitarelli
Ken Gruberman, Evyen Klean and Joseph Vitarelli
Joseph Vitarelli during the <i>John Adams</i> scoring session

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