Step Brothers (2008)

Directed by Adam McKay

Composed by

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Score recording mixer Armin Steiner
The viola section laughs as they play a crazy cue
Jon Brion conducts <i>Step Brothers</i>
Music editor Jim schultz, ProTools operator David Channing, orchestrator Bruce Fowler and score recordist Armin Steiner
Jon Brion talks with the celli
Cellists Steve Erdody and Tony Cooke
ProTools recordist Adam Michalak
The woodwinds
Scoring recordist Armin Steiner
Cellists Steve Erdody and Tony Cooke
Orchestrator Bruce Fowler
Trumpets: Rick Baptist, Malcolm McNab, Marissa Benedict / Trombones: Bill Reichenbach, Charlie Loper, Phil Teele / Tuba: Doug Tornquist
Jon Brion talks with the orchestra
Lead orchestrator Bruce Fowler and music editor Jim Schultz
Jon Brion talks with the orchestra
Jon Brion laughs at a musical moment
Armin Steiner talks with Adam Michalak
Auricle operator Richard Grant
The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on <i>Step Brothers</i>
Jon Brion and agent Laura Engel
Jon Brion conducts <i>Step Brothers</i>
A variety of cues, all played at once!
Jon Brion conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony

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