ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop (2008) [Demo]

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Composer Luke Richards consults with the off-camera music team between takes
Scoring mixer Armin Steiner recording the Hollywood Studio Symphony
Concert master Endre Granat works out new bowings
Concert Master Endre Granat
The Hollywood Studio Symphony
Principal bassist Nico Abondolo
Principal Cellist Steve Erdody
Bassist Don Ferrone
Pianist Mike Lang
Orchestrator David Slonaker and ASCAP instructor Richard Bellis
Gerrit Wunder conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony
Austin Wintory conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony
ASCAP workshop instructor Richard Bellis
Orchestrator David Slonaker and Engineer Armin Steiner
Stage Recordist Christine Sirois
Orchestrator David Slonaker
The cello section of the Hollywood Studio Symphony
Composer Tilman Ritter conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony
Concertmaster Endre Granat and fellow violinist Julie Gigante
Contractors Sandra Kipp and Jasper Randall showcase the 20th Anniversary ASCAP chocolate bars
Veteran composer Charles Bernstein and orchestrator David Slonaker
Concertmaster Endre Granat suggests a change to the violin section
ASCAP's Mike Todd chatting with contractor Peter Rotter

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