Loft (2008)

Directed by Erik Van Looy

Composed by

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recording the 40 piece string section for Loft with Andy Brown (conductor)
Wdm, Steve McLaughlin, Philippe Ravoet(editor) and Erik Van Looy(director/screenplay) in the background
Steve McLaughlin and Wolfram de Marco at Abbey Road Studio 2
Andy Brown (conductor) and Wolfram de Marco
LMO string section and Andy Brown (conductor)
a film crew from Belgium filmed and recorded a special report for belgium tv with Erik Van Looy(director/screenplay) and Bart De Pauw(screenplay)
from left to right:  Bart De Pauw(screenplay), Wolfram de Marco, Hilde De Laere(producer), Erik Van Looy(director/ screenplay) and Philippe Ravoet(editor)
Wolfram de Marco, Vic Fraser (music preparation), Steve McLaughlin (recording engineer)
Andy Brown (conductor) and London Metropolitan Orchestra string section
explaining some improvised orchestra effects for the LMO string section
Wolfram de Marco conducted a few selected cues
recording some very special orchestra effect sounds - notice the position of the violins!
WdM, Andy Brown and Erik Van Looy during the recording of the woods and brass session for Loft (2 oboes, basson, contra basson, 6 french horns and 4 trombones)
the woodwind section for Loft
Andy Brown conducting the woodwnds and brass section of LMO for Loft

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