Monsters vs. Aliens (2009) [Video Game]

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The French horns
Composer Jim Dooley and scoring mixer Steve Kaplan
Doug Tornquist on Tuba
Tim Davies conducts on the <i>Monsters vs. Aliens</i> video game score
A panorama of the brass ensemble
Sunna Wehrmeijer examines the score
Tuba: Doug Tornquist; Trombones: Bill Reichenbach, Steve Holtman, Alex Iles and Bill Booth; Trumpets: Jon Lewis, Malcolm McNab and Wayne Bergeron
Stage recordist Greg Dennen and scoring assistant Nathan Whitehead (rear)
Scoring intern Sunna Wehrmeijer, ProTools recordist Kevin Globerman and scoring assistant Nathan Whitehead
Composer Jim Dooley talks with scoring mixer Steve Kaplan
Jim Dooley examines the score
Steve Kaplan and Jim Dooley watch the brass play on the score
Scoring mixer Steve Kaplan

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