Killzone 2 (2009) [Video Game]

Directed by Mathijs De Jonge

Composed by

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From left to right: Marc Canham, Executive producer for Nimrod, Composer Joris de Man, Music Assistant Rob Webb and Orchestra Contractor and Double Bass Player Stacey Watton. On the chair Balance Engineer Rich Aitken and Andrew Dudman, Recording Engineer manning the desk.
Joris's wife Sam McCarthy provided crucial support and through her company Open Book organised filming of the session and interviews with various trade magazines.
In order to get a realistic orchestral sound, sections of the orchestra were recorded in their original seating positions.
The choir gets prepared for their first cue...
Conductor Jonathan Williams prepares the strings for another cue
Conductor and co-orchestrator Jonathan Williams and the orchestra wait for an okay on a take
Joris, Rob and Jonathan check the score on a tricky cue
The session contained a full Brass section with added Cimbasso. Strings were recorded on the first day, with Brass and Woodwinds (woodwinds seen here) on the 2nd day and a 30 piece Choir in the evening. Balance Engineer Rich Aitken was on hand to ensure that all the seperate recorded elements would fit together in the final mix.

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