You Again (2010)

Directed by Andy Fickman

Composed by

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Nick Glennie-Smith conducts <i>You Again</i>
Composer Nathan Wang, music editor Brent Brooks and scoring mixer Joel Iwataki
Conductor Nick Glennie-Smith
The strings perform on <i>You Again</i>
Composer Nathan Wang and associate contractor Sandra Kipp
Lead orchestrator Milton Nelson, composer Nathan Wang, orchestrator Gary Chase and music editor Brent Brooks (rear)
Lead orchestrator Milton Nelson and composer Nathan Wang
Percussionist Alan Estes
Chris Bleth performs on the flute
Percussionist Don Williams calls for a time-out
Brian O'Connor, Phil Yao, and Justin Hageman on French Horn
The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on <i>You Again</i>
Mike Lang sets up the prepared piano
Steve schaeffer on glockenspiel
Orchestrator Milton Nelson with composer Nathan Wang, scoring mixer Joel Iwataki, and ProTools recordist Larry Mah
Cellists ____ and Steve Erdody
The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on <i>You Again</i>
Violinists Helen Nightengale, Movses Pogossian and Mark Robertson
Stuart Clark on clarinet
 Steve Dress and Neil Garber on bass
Harpist Katie Kirkpatrick
Scoring mixer Joel Iwataki
Nick Glennie-Smith conducts the Hollywood Studio Symphony
The Hollywood Studio Symphony performs on <i>You Again</i>
Conductor Nick Glennie-Smith

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