The Lamplighters League (2023) [Video Game]

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Composer Jon Everist carefully listening inside the control room at Studio 1
Conductor Anthony Parnther at the podium with the 52-person string section.
Head Engineer Jake Jackson reviewing an upcoming cue
Martyn Jackson and Jenny Sacha of 1st violins
Three of six French Horns. From right to left: Principle Horn Martin Owen, John Thurgood and Nigel Black
The string section executing a triumphant final measure of combat music
(from let to right) Pro Tools Operator and recordist Matt Jones, Head Engineer Jake Jackson, Composer Jon Everist and Orchestrator Nolan Markey listen carefully during a take
Violists Gillianne Haddow (left) and Clifton Harrison (right)
Inside the control room at Abbey Road Studio 1 during the recording of Jon Everist's score to <em>The Lamplighters League</em>
Principal double bass Mary Scully with her section
Timpanist Barnaby Archer and Dave Elliott on bass drum
Karen Hutt and the percussion section were asked to utilize all sorts of unique implements in their percussion kit, including these extra large bamboo thunder rods
Trombone section featuring Tracy Holloway (off camera left), principal trombonist Andy Wood (left), Ed Tarrant (middle), and Barry Clements (Bass Trombone)
Leader of 2nd violins, Steve Morris
Head Engineer Jake Jackson
Composer Jon Everist interviewed in the Studio 1 booth for <em>The Lamplighters League</em> behind the scenes music video
Timpanist Barnaby Archer
Oboist Ruth Berresford
Principal percussionist Joby Burgess with Rob Farrer and Karen Hutt recording many layers of mixed percussion with hands and various implements
Flautists Karen Jones and Anna Noakes
Karen Hutt on oil drum backed up by the percussion section
Principal percussionist Joby Burgess (right) and Rob Farrer were given free reign to improvise over several action cues
A look at the stage from the control room at Abbey Road Studio 1
Percussionist Karen Hutt on the thunder sheet, creating swells mimicking the sound of waves crashing for a particular seafaring enemy theme
Abbey Road Assistant Engineer Marta Di Nozzi (left), Composer Jon Everist (middle) and Orchestrator Nolan Markey (right) carefully gather feedback on each take
Rakhi Singh of the 1st violins
Lynda Houghton on double bass
Composer Jon Everist (left) and Orchestrator Nolan Markey (right) revel at the sound of Studio 1
Principal violinist Everton Nelson solos with his string section. Certain cues required a string trio to be recorded behind the podium
One of the viola parts prepared by copyist Landon Ashby
Rob Farrer (left) and principal percussionist Joby Burgess search for the perfect timbre and combination of drums
Composer Jon Everist stands outside of the iconic front door of Abbey Road Studios
Production art for <em>The Lamplighters League</em>

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