Cars 3 (2017) [Animated]

Directed by Brian Fee

Composed by

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Randy Newman at the podium where he conducted his score to <em>Cars 3</em>
The violins perform on <em>Cars 3</em>
A violinist looks at her sheet music
Disney music producer Tom MacDougall, music editor Joe E. Rand, director Brian Fee, composer Randy Newman and scoring mixer Dave Boucher
Orchestrator Jonathan Sacks talks with harpist JoAnn Turovsky
Scoring mixer David Boucher
The basses
Orchestrator Jonathan Sacks, composer Randy Newman, director Brian Fee, and scoring mixer Dave Boucher (front row) listen to a cue playback on <em>Cars 3</em>
The mixing console at Sony
The cellos
Orchestrator Jonathan Sacks and composer Randy Newman go over a cue on <em>Cars 3</em>
Two violinists go over a cue on <em>Cars 3</em>
The bass section on <em>Cars 3</em>

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