Almost Christmas (2016)

Directed by David E. Talbert

Composed by

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Conductor Nolan Livesay records with the orchestra
Conductor Jason Livesay and the orchestra
Conductor Nolan Livesay (seated), composer John Paesano talks, director David Talbert, and scoring mixer Alan Meyerson
The orchestra records a cue with conductor Nolan Livesay
Conductor Nolan Livesay and the orchestra record a cue for <i>Almost Christmas</i>
Clarinetist Stuart Clark warms up
The strings perform pizzicato on a cue
Score assistant Hayley Rosenthal, technical score advisor Anthony Loomis, and ProTools recordist Kevin Globerman
Composer John Paesano looks over a cue with conductor Nolan Livesay (seated)
Director David Talbert (center) applauds the music team: conductor Nolan Livesay (seated, left), composer John Paesano, and scoring mixer Alan Meyerson
Conductor Nolan Livesay enjoys listening to a cue
The woodwind section
The orchestra records a cue from <i>Almost Christmas</i>
Composer John Paesano and scoring mixer Alan Meyerson go over a cue together
Violinists Bruce Dukov and Katia Popov
The orchestra records a cue to <i>Almost Christmas</i> with conductor Nolan Livesay
Composer John Paesano discusses a cue with director David Talbert as scoring mixer Alan Meyerson watches the session
Music editor Angie Rubin and ______
Pianist Randy Kerber
The cello section
Scoring mixer Alan Meyerson
The violin section
Composer John Paesano checks on a cue with conductor Nolan Livesay as director David Talbert talks about the scene
Conductor Nolan Livesay performs a cue with the orchestra
The violins
The cello section
Composer John Paesano talks with director David Talbert
Scoring mixer Alan Meyerson checks levels for the next cue
Composer John Paesano reviews a cue with conductor Jason Livesay
The low strings wait to record the next cue
The booth watches conductor Nolan Livesay record composer John Paesano's (standing, right) score to <i>Almost Christmas</i> with the orchestra

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