Ori and the Blind Forest (2015) [Video Game]

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Conductor Alexander Rudd giving notes to Orchestra A (25 players)
Orchestra B prepares for another take
Orchestra A preparing to perform Up The Spirit Caverns Walls
(from L to R), Boyd Post (Microsoft), Gareth Coker (composer), and Nick Spezia (recording engineer) analyze a cue during playback
Conductor Alexander Rudd recording Fleeing Kuro with Orchestra B
Boyd Post (Microsoft) and composer Gareth Coker discuss a cue
Conductor Alexander Rudd listens to feedback from the booth on Fleeing Kuro
An excerpt from the score
Composer Gareth Coker looks on while conductor Alexander Rudd gives notes
Orchestra A gearing up for another take
The strings from Orchestra B (20 violins, 8 violas, 6 cellos, 3 basses) perform Ori, Lost In The Storm
Composer Gareth Coker gives feedback to the orchestra
The brass (4 french horns, 2 trombones, 1 bass trombone) from Orchestra B perform Ginso Tree – Water Rising
Conductor Alexander Rudd performing with Orchestra A
The woodwind (3 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 oboes) from Orchestra B perform Ginso Tree – Water Rising
Orchestra B (56 players) get ready to perform
Orchestra A performs Gumo’s Hideout

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